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Rinse food residue   from containers All recyclables must   be placed in the cart   with the lid completely   closed Only use the   recycling cart   provided by San   Miguel Garbage Flatten cardboard   boxes Place your recycling   cart at curbside 3 feet   from carts, cars &   objects with the lid   facing the street

Cans & Foil Paper Plastic Glass

• Aluminium Cans & Foil

• Tin, steel, bi-metal cans

• Aerosol cans

• Lids from jars



Junk mail

Books & Phone Books

Egg cartons

Frozen food packaging

Paper Bags & Boxes


Do Not include:
No food contaminated paper
No gift wrapping paper
No photos

Bottles & containers labeled   #1 - #7

Plastic milk containers

Detergent containers

Do not include:
No plastic bags
No styrofoam
No packing peanuts

Glass bottles & Jars

Food containers

Beverage containers

Do not include:
No window glass or mirrors
No ceramics
no light bulbs

Sharps Disposal

What are Sharps?

They include hypodermic needles, pen needles, intravenous needles, lancets, and other devices used to penetrate the skin for the delivery of medications at home.


For more information about recycling, garbage or greenwaste services, call us at 805.467.9283

No Hazardous Material such as oil, pesticides, paint or cleaners. For proper disposal of hazardous materials, please call us.

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